Some of you may know about our Moonwood Movement. In light of that, we felt it was important to bring this current lawsuit and information to light.

Today, survivors Angela Williams and Jane Doe seek justice by bringing a lawsuit against the state of Nevada for protecting the sex trade and enabling sex slavery in violation of the 13th Amendment.

As revealed on the 2021 Dirty Dozen Listโ€”Nevada enables sex slavery via legalized prostitution including escort agencies, strip clubs, and brothels.

Even in a system of legalized prostitution, tactics such as force, fraud, and coercion are used to perpetuate the sex industry. In this system, businessmen and pimps thrive at the cost of survivors’ psychological and physical health.

This lawsuit is not only seeking justice for two survivors but also to protect the right of those who are currently being sex trafficked in Nevada and are therefore unable to sue on their own behalf. In support of this lawsuit and survivors, please help us share this news far and wide with your networks. For more information on this lawsuit, go to #NSFWomen #NotSafeForWomen See less

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