About Us


Located in the heart of Huntington Beach, Moonwood Coffee Co. has successfully built a name for itself in Orange County for its excellent catering services, delicious coffee and baked goods, and commitment to bettering the community. Our co-owners Alecia Reinberger and Bernadette Neace share over 50 years of baking industry experience between them. They’ve used their expertise to train a team committed to high-quality craftsmanship and delivering the best catering service, every time. Ask about our popular and delicious Affogato dessert and our organic pour-over coffee method! We also have a wide variety of coffee and espresso selections upon request.


To build a community that supports each other to grow, celebrate the most important moments in life, and enjoy a good cup of coffee when it’s needed most.


Years of training and experience has given our team the ability to bake and brew with a perfected precision you’ll rarely find in the kitchen. More importantly, we pass that knowledge down to each new member of our team in a way that resonates best with them. We see our staff as a community, and we lift each other up for the betterment of our team. At Moonwood, growth is a cause for celebration, and we celebrate with every cup and cookie.


We are a team of bakers, brewers, and tastemakers who love to share our delicious treat with the world. With years of experience in professional kitchens, the team at Moonwood is built for excellence. At Moonwood Coffee Co., every cup and pastry has a purpose. We bake, brew, cook, and cater with your dream in mind. Relax, and leave the rest to our expertly trained team.

Ongoing Training, Personal Development, and Managements Opportunities for survivors of child sex-abuse are at the heart and mission of Moonwood Coffee Co. We care for our team: the baristas, bakers, cake designers, and catering servers. Our leadership’s top priority is ensuring each team member is given every opportunity to accomplish their goals and dreams.

We believe with love, support, and treatment, survivors will be able to find hope for a better future.

Founders of moonwood